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However, you also are buying beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Yes, money is on your mind. Yes, you will rule!

December 29, 2011 - January 4, 2012

This is a good day to ask the universe for a favor, because you just might get it. Virgo You prefer to work alone or behind the scenes today, because you feel somewhat withdrawn. You need a breather from the busyness of everything going on around you. Libra This is a popular time for Libras! Enjoy interactions with others, especially in groups.

Younger, creative people will appeal to you now. Scorpio You make an excellent impression on bosses, parents and VIPs right now - and you can use this to your advantage. Ask for what you want. Get the approval you need.

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Try it! Sagittarius Travel and a chance to get further education or training are easy things for you to accomplish right now. Do anything to break free from your daily, humdrum routine. Capricorn This is a good day to ask for a loan or mortgage, because you can benefit from the wealth and resources of others at this time. Today, in particular, the Moon will help you even more so.

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Aquarius You have a strong focus now on partners and close friends. Things will flow along easiest today if you compromise with others. If you're attached, the two of you emphasize your friendship as well as your love. You could feel like a satellite with so much communication coming in and going out.

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You have a lot to digest and remember. Try to bring friends together and enjoy the moment. At a certain time, you might want to turn off your cell. Tonight: Bring friends together. You might be worried about your finances. You have an innate desire to spend and to enjoy various baubles and pretty items. Sometimes you find it difficult to put a halt to this activity.


Right now, as others seem to be going overboard, you have difficulty saying no. Tonight: Where the party is. Defer your present quandary for the moment.

You will get many different impressions at present. Interactions will also tell you which way would be best to head in.

Rubber Band Horoscopes: What your color says about you

You might surprise yourself with how much a decision changes. Tonight: Read between the lines. You could be tired of the same old story coming up over and over. Your way of dealing with a problem could be challenged.

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Hang in there and observe. You might find your issue changes as the day ages. Be more forthright about what you think.

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  8. Tonight: Remain nurturing. You will defer to others. Your creativity soars as you hang out with a friend. Many people will share what is going on and give you a different slant on the same issue. Say little, nod a lot and see what comes down. Tonight: Go along with another person's suggestion. You have a lot of ground to cover, and quickly at that. Know what is happening around a project. You might decide to dedicate today to the pursuit of a favourite hobby. You will probably want to stay close to home. Tonight: Happy just to hang out. You could be viewed as more dynamic if you just share more of what is on your mind.

    Best Things to Do In Detroit

    You come up with unusual ideas even if they are only about fun ways for a child to spend the afternoon. Others seek you out for your nuggets of information.

    Tonight: Be spontaneous. Allow a family member to participate more than usual in making plans. Invite others over for a spontaneous afternoon and early dinner.